God-Power, Christ-Power, Master-Power


Dear Friends:

I have the great pleasure to address you on the evening of this day which is considered most sacred among the Christians. Today we are celebrating in sweet remembrance the Christ Who appeared at the pole of Jesus.

Thousands of other men are born daily, in all countries, in all towns, but not very many remember their births and deaths; yet the lives of the Masters, so few in number, can never be forgotten.

Christ was born as Jesus. Jesus was the Human Pole at Which the Christ-Power manifested Itself, and the Christ-Power never dies. Once that Power takes possession of us or takes us under His care, He does not leave us.

Christ said,

I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.

St Matthew 28:20

When I came here on my last visit in 1955, people asked me:

When is Christ returning?

I asked them:

Has He ever left you?

I quoted to them the very words:

I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.

If He has not left us, then where does the question of coming back arise? The reason we ask these things is because, perhaps, we have not gone far enough into the mystery of Christ.

What was Christ? God-Power appears from time to time at the Human Pole to guide the child-humanity and give it the Way back to God. The question is: Who can give us the Way back to God? No son of man can do it; God alone can lead us to God or give us a contact with Him. He has no equal; no brother, no father, no mother; and that God resides in every heart.

Thus, have you ever considered Who is the One Who points the Way back to God and Who at times refers to Himself as –

I and my Father are One.

St John 10:30

I am the Light.

St John 8:12

I am the Way.

St John 14:6

All Masters tell us that the Incarnated Masters are all Children of Light. They are all Sons of God, and whoever follows Them, meets God, for he is given contact with God. Masters have been coming from time to time; and to all intents and purposes, outwardly, They appear to be men. They were born the same way and Their bodies are constructed the same way. What then is the difference between such a Personality and the average man? It is in His being a Conscious Co-Worker of the Divine Plan, for He sees it is the Father working through Him.

Jesus asked His disciples:

What say you that I am?

Simon Peter answered,

Thou art the Son of the Living God.

St Matthew 16:15-16

Jesus told Peter:

No earthly power has revealed this to you, but my Father Which is in heaven.

St Matthew 16:17

Then again a disciple said:

It would suffice if they would be shown the Father.

What did Jesus reply?

He grew indignant and asked:

Have I been so long with you and yet you never saw that it was the Father working through me?

Then He went so far as to say:

Whoever has seen me has seen the Father.


No one comes to the Father except by me.

cf. St John 14:8-10

These statements are paraphrased from the Bible to make the purpose of them clear.

Christ is the God-Power or so-called Guru-Power Which appeared as the Son of man Who was called ‘Jesus’.

During a talk I gave last month at the Unity Temple in Los Angeles, I expressed these thoughts and then asked the minister for his opinion, which I wanted to hear – not because I was doubtful, but because men are evolving and awakening to the Truth.

He answered:

Who is Jesus Christ? God’s Son made manifest to man to teach him and to show him the Way and the Truth and the Light. He came to show man how the Father would live if He were a man. He was God in Man.

Then he explained:

Jesus was the transcendent Incarnation of God.

And continued:

What is the difference between Jesus and the Christ? Christ existed long before Jesus. Jesus is the born man Who perfectly manifested the Christ in Himself, and Christ is the Divine Nature of this Godman. Thus Christ, the Spiritual Human, existed long before His earthly birth.

Do you comprehend?

The Christ-Power or God-Power or Guru-Power is the same, and manifests Itself at the Human Pole to meet the demands of His children: those who feel hungry for Him, those who feel thirsty for Him.

There is food for the hungry and water for the thirsty; demand and supply is the law of nature, and where fire burns, oxygen comes to help. When man has hunger for God in his heart, God manifests Himself at some Human Pole to guide the child-humanity.

No man knows the Father except through the Son and he to whom the Son reveals Him.

St Matthew 11:27

As I told you, this Christ-Power existed ever since the world began and has manifested Itself from time to time at the Human Pole of the various Masters. We can recognise this fact through the study of comparative religions, where we shall find the same teachings given by the Masters of all religions and the same assertions made by Them.

Someone told me on my last visit here that Christ is the highest since He had said:

I and my Father are One.

That’s all right, I said, but if other Masters also uttered the same words, how would you consider them? I then quoted what other Masters had said in Their own languages in Their own times.

Guru Arjan, the fifth Guru of the Sikhs said:

The Son and the Father are dyed in the same colour and the Father and the Son have taken up the same business.

The tenth Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh said:

God ordered me, ‘Go, I make you My Son to guide the child-humanity.’

Many others as well spoke the same. This is only to evidence that Christ lived even before He entered the sinless body of the mother. We have regard for that perpetual Christ-Power which existed before birth and continues after it, and for the Sonship that is perpetual. That Power lies in every heart and is revealed when a Human Pole at Which the Power is manifest, meets us and gives us a contact with God. No son of man, no human, can do it, except the manifested God-Power in some Human Pole.

When we meet Them, these Human Poles are competent to raise our souls from the bondage of mind and the outgoing faculties and to grant us contact within. Thus, we have regard for all Human Poles Which give that Christ-Power Its birth from time to time. We are, then, fortunate that we are gathered here on this blessed Christmas Day.