Kirpal Singh

Go on doing it

A ‘Heart to Heart’-Talk at Sawan Ashram, 11 August 1974,
10 days before Kirpal Singh’s physical departure.

Kirpal Singh: Yes, any questions? Any problems? How are you getting on? Better now?

Disciple: Better. Progressing.

Kirpal Singh: Two things always pay. One is accuracy.

Disciple: Accuracy.

Kirpal Singh: Meditation should be done in an accurate way.

Disciple: Accuracy.

Kirpal Singh: Second – mind should be free from all thoughts, quite fresh and buoyant. Nobody else can do it for you. No thought should remain.

Question: If initiates or non-initiates have questions, should we have separate evening meetings to answer them so that we can leave Satsang in silence as we have been doing?

Kirpal Singh: Everybody wants 1-2-3. Give them their answers then and there the same day. Why wait a week? If anybody new comes to Satsang and wants some information,why not answer the same day?

Question: The same day? Not a separate day?

Kirpal Singh: A man needs something when he is not very clear. He need to be waited on.

Question: Sometimes we meet disciples of other so-called masters. How much should we say, if anything? They say they have been initiated into the Light and Sound. Should we question that? Especially if it is another guru that we know is not true. Or should we just hand them some literature of the Master and say nothing? 

Kirpal Singh: If anybody comes to you who is already initiated elsewhere, he has come for some information. Tell him what he wants. Don’t say, ‘your master’s false.’ Give him the criterion of a Master; what is expected from a Master. Let him judge for himself. Try to tell him how you may judge Him outwardly.

Question: Beloved, she has asked this question for the simple reason that two of them here have met a disciple of another master who claims that Baba Sawan gave him commission to go to the south of India. And that he can give Light and Sound Principle. Is that so?

Kirpal Singh: I don’t know. 

Disciple: The name is … in Bombay.

Kirpal Singh: Master authorised him to go, told him, All right, you are going to give Satsang to talk about Spirituality. Now, I tell you how to meditate. Even group leaders give others a sitting and they see some Light. Will all group leaders become Masters? (laughter) … Why are you concerned? Those who are satisfied, let them go on. The Sound and Light contacts are not the only criterion. There are some others: protection, help. 

Question: It is one thing to say and another thing to do it.

Kirpal Singh: If you have doubt yourself about your own Master, it’s all right. If not, go on with it. Here in India I have seen two men dying – so-called masters. They asked Him forgiveness for their sins. In the West too. When you are put on the way, don’t judge others. Do and see. When I met my Master, my elder brother was not initiated and I wrote to him, I met with a Master that is moving on earth in all humility of Guru Nanak, but wait. … If you waver yourself, you spoil the name of Satsang. Why not do it and see? If somebody is satisfied with his own way … all right. It is God who gives, it is God. As I told you the other day, when men were initiated years ago, they were asked to keep silence, not to talk on the subject for two years. Go on doing it. Go on doing it. Go on doing it … we are not fully receptive. If you have got it, do and see and then bear testimony to it. First we become ‘Masters’ and then initiates, you see. (laughter) … I issued one circular: ‘I hope nobody should stand between the initiate and the Master.’ Have you seen that circular? 

Disciple: Yes. 

Kirpal Singh: One for one.

Question: Nobody should stand between the initiate and his Master? 

Kirpal Singh: Both lights are shining. Be very wary! He is not one with full light on.

Question: Does the Master meet every initiate at the time of physical death?

Kirpal Singh: Just those who are in tune with it are informed ahead of time. Those who will never sit in meditation, know only that very day. He will guide you at least, direct the way. But for him who transcends the body, the stepping-stone is there. They know: ‘All right, I’m going.’ My wife said, I am going tomorrow. I said, Tell the Master not to take you tomorrow. Ask Him please. Tomorrow there will be thousands of people gathered, a large Satsang. When that was over I went to her: Are you ready?Yes. – Go inside. She went jolly. 

This is the fate of everybody. No concession, this is for everybody initiated. But we are not sincere, that’s the pity. We are sincere to our friends and relatives. Now everyday I ask how many have seen the Master’s Form, you see. At initiation there’s a seed. 

That should be developed. He should see and speak to Master within. Then you really become transformed, I would say. Not before. You’re all on probation until you come to Him within. If you put in three months sincerely, you would progress wonderfully. 

For three months you’re laughing and talking and sleeping and dressing – ‘this is my face.’ Are all these things ordinary or Ultimate Goal? One or the other. See to your benefit. It is you who have to leave. Nobody else leaves the body for you. You are not confident. Anybody else? 

(Master is quiet for the longest while. He reclined and closed His eyes. When He reopened them He looked long and piercingly at us.)

Question: Don’t so-called masters know the consequences when they do these things and cheat people like that?

Kirpal Singh: God has not made me judge. He is above. He sees all. This is His charge. This morning I was talking about Lord Krishna the Avatar. There are both Avatars and Saints, but Avatars keep the world populated, keep the world a-going. But usually the Masters are with him, he is very just. Why, why should we worry? 

God says, 

Don’t judge others so that ye may not be judged.

As I told you the other day, I was selected to be one of the jurors. A summons was served to me for jury duty. They met people to get their opinions before-hand. I was also one of them. There were about fourteen people there. The judge came and saw these people. It struck me, Judge not others so that ye may not be judged. That’s all.

Question: You told that, your Holiness told that to the judge?

Kirpal Singh: It is easy to judge others. It is very easy. You may be wrong.

Comment: It seems to be second nature with people.

Kirpal Singh: Christ said, Father, forgive them for they know not what they do. Some asked that He should not be put to the cross. They tried to save Him. Christ gave them blessings. What about those who were after putting Him on the cross? They received full blessings also. To forgive is a very brave man’s work. Forgive and then forget.

Come up, one more. Time is passing. Go on with your … what you have been given. See what you can do. He sees always.

Mind your own business. Try to win the first prize. There is a race going on. Don’t look to the right or to the left. Reach first and win the race. Do your best. That draws the attention of the Master too. If anybody has advanced, look to it. 

So mind your own business. Your father was great, what about you? Develop this way. Settle your account. He comes to make you radiate through your Father Who is Master. Look to your own. If you don’t change in this man-body, then you remain in this form by going around. Have good vision, it will help. 

Go jolly now! 

Your food time please. One by one.