The prescribed diary is recommended so that it may serve the initiates as a sweet and prompting reminder that they do not relax in their meditation and also that the outward failings may be weeded out one by one until a pure ethical life is wrought about wherein the great gift of Spirituality dawns with full effulgence and consciousness. I have Love for you and wish you progress from day to day. Please remain lovingly devoted and steadfast and accurate in your meditations. You will progress from day to day.


Thoughts, words or deeds relating to failures in chastity are to be recorded in the prescribed columns of the diary for self-introspection. You can base your findings in light of this anytime you happen to fall in either of them. 


Love means warm affection, attachment, likeness or fondness. Non-violence means not to hurt anybody in thought, word or deed. Love implies in the diary column as a sense of absence of hatred for others caused by your better position in different fields of knowledge, wealth or worldly status. You can classify the failures under different headings accordingly. This type of failure on your part when you felt upset over the behaviour of your friend during meditations by her snoring, etc., falls under the column of hatred in thought. Howsoever, your sense of repentance afterwards is appreciated.