Excerpts from Talks given by Kirpal Singh in India

14 September 1967 – Delhi, India

Be looking at yourself, not others. Ask yourself where you are. Just having a Perfect Master is not enough. You must have Love and devotion and faith. You must put in time and keep diary. Don’t be criticising others. Don’t be showing off and talking. Do your job. Don’t think about others. Don’t think about the past. Just begin today. If everyone here began today, in two or three months he would be changed. Don’t get involved with others. Keep your mind on the Master. Don’t let your mind be all over. When you see or hear the Master, you get charging. Don’t disperse this by talking, etc. Do your meditation.

15 September, Delhi, India; Morning in the Shed

Thieves do their work at night; we should also use the night. Be very accurate in your meditations. People come to me and say they are not making progress, but they are not really giving everything. Fix the gaze in the middle. Have no worldly thoughts. You must give your attachments and ego. You have only an inch to go to the seat of the soul at the back of the eyes and still you have so much trouble. Those who have seen the Master only once in all loving devotion, they are greatly blessed. Love the Master and nothing else. If your attachments are with the Master you will not come back. Take notes and act on what the Master says. If you put yourself completely in the hands of God, surely He will take care of you. 

One man went to the jungle for 12 years and hung himself upside down in a well by iron chains. A farmer came by and asked What are you doing?Waiting for God. The farmer said, Oh, this is what one must do to find God, and he quickly ran to make a rope out of grass. Although the rope was so weak he hung himself in a nearby well. In ten minutes the farmer asked of the other, Has your God come yet? – No. – Oh, said the farmer, Mine has.What, said the other, how can this be after only ten minutes? – I have been here twelve years. The farmer had no iron chains but put his faith completely in God, once he knew the Way to God, not caring for his life.

Kabir says, 

whoever has found God has done so by crying the whole night. When you sit for meditation, you should just have tears in your eyes of devotion and longing. Always have such a remembrance of God.