Philosophy, Intellectualism and Rationalism

Pure Bhakti and Spirituality

Philosophies deal with theories but mysticism deals with reality. The Masters do not relish its advocacy as it is simply a speculation within the domain of mind whereas Spirituality is the Science of the Soul.


I have noted your comments for the Satsang talks when you do not find any nourishing food intellectually in these meetings. You will please note that Spiritual Progress by Inner Development of your consciousness far excels intellectual attainments. There is a great difference between head and heart. Love of God is the essence of higher Spiritual Life, and it evolves in the heart full of ennobling virtues.


The Path of the Masters, known as Surat Shabd Yoga is not to be confused with Bhakti Yoga, as limited to the emotions. Inferences, feelings, and emotions. Inferences, feelings, and emotions are all subject to error; seeing is above all. This path is a practical one. Unless you live a pure, chaste life – as enjoined in the booklet ‘Seven Paths to Perfection’ – you will not unfold the Spiritual Side of your nature that is at present lying dormant within you. I hope you take it in the right spirit when I say that you should first ascertain the full potential of the teachings of the Path that you have been put on before looking elsewhere.


Once you live the Spiritual Life in the practical way, rise above the body consciousness and meet the Radiant Form of the Master within, you will then begin to appreciate that pure Bhakti only begins when one has surrendered one’s mind and intellect to the Master, and gives implicit obedience to His commandments. 

If ye love me, keep my commandments, 

Christ said. 

God is Love and we can only truly worship Him in Love. But this Love is not of the emotions. It is a Love of complete self-surrender and as such demands discipline and obedience. I hope you now understand what is meant by Bhakti in its pure and pristine form.


You are correct in your assumption that the Path of the Masters is the Path of pure Bhakti. The pearl of Divine Knowledge can be preserved securely in the casket of bhakti, or loving devotion. Bhakti in its pure and pristine form is Love Divine.