Without Naam one gets drenched in materialism and is ever in affliction:

It is better by far to sterilize the mother's womb than to produce children with no love for the Naam, their bodies are all hollow without contact with the Naam and they live and die a Malingering death.

Guru Ram Das, Jaitsri M4

Ever burdened with desires and wishes, one lives a deserted life without Naam.

Guru Ram Das, Basant M4

Enslaved to the mind and the senses, one contacts not the Naam and is ever in pain and affliction, without contact between the spirit and the Naam, how can one have peace.

Guru Amar Das, Shalok M4

Everyone in the world is a unique gambler, he wishes for all the joy at the cost of the Naam.

Guru Nanak, Gauri M1