Kirpal Singh

Circular Letter No 22

Talk given by Kirpal Singh on 26 July, 1962, in memory of His Master

I take this opportunity to address all of you over the microphone, and convey my best wishes and Love for your Spiritual Progress. The sublime message, which you have had the privilege to hear, does not warrant more elucidation, yet I wish to speak further on this auspicious day – the Birth Anniversary of my beloved Hazur Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj.

The Sacred Forum of Ruhani Satsang was approved by Hazur and under His explicit orders it came into existence some fourteen years ago. It is through His Grace that the gospel of Truth and Love has been carried to all corners of the world; and in practically all the countries of the world its branches have been set up, and people at large have been blessed with the rare gift of Holy Naam – the Word, or the audible Life-Stream.

Those who have had the good fortune to come under the competent protection of the Living Master have been granted the Sacred Boon of Holy Initiation into the mysteries of the beyond, and are progressing on the Way back to God.

From the Sacred Literature which has been released and published, you now have the Sacred Theory that is so simple and easy, requiring no austere obligations; but the practical aspect of the subject demands some action, namely: implicit obedience to the Holy Commandments, embracing cardinal virtues, strict observance of the dietary regulations, vigilance over the day to day deeds, cautious approach to the thought pattern, and regular devotion of time to the Holy Meditations in an accurate way. Moreover, all efforts helpful in the achievements of this sublime goal are to be honoured and assimilated.

The Holy Seed of initiation is a cheque drawn in your favour and implanted in the soul, fructifying rapidly, if the aforesaid virtues are pursued vigorously. Just as a cheque can be cashed at the counter, similarly the celestial manifestations of Divinity can be had at the eye focus, which you can reach safely under the protective guidance of the Living Master, and for which you have a passport in the form of Sacred Charged Names. These Names carry the Life-Impulse and as such are potent enough to grant you inversion on to the realm of bliss and harmony. Their accurate use coupled with deep faith and implicit obedience, bear much fruit. You should know it for certain that the Gracious Master-Power is the constant and nearest companion of the child-disciple, and anytime one turns his/her face towards Him, all gracious help and guidance flow in abundance. Just as a poor man who calls at the door of a rich person, everyday faithfully, is sure to be blessed with alms, similarly that Emperor of Emperors is waiting patiently for you all within, to greet you and escort you on to the True Home of your Father. He is more eager than you; and the sweet heavenly melodies invite you to accompany Him within for sharing the utter bliss and Divine Intoxication.

This is a subject of the heart and not of the head. Reasoning is the help and reasoning the bar. When you have arrived at certain conclusions and have been blessed with the boon of right understanding that this present earth life is a passing phase in the long journey of the soul from the lower categories of creation up to its origin, then hie onward lovingly and faithfully. Know for certain that you, while here in this world, living amongst mortals, are commissioned with the Divine Blessing of proceeding back to your True Home. Soul in its present state is so enmeshed by the environment of mind and matter, that it is difficult to talk of its proceeding Homeward for it has forgotten its True Home. The Holy Meditations, when undertaken accurately and regularly bless you with the right understanding of striving for the Inner Journey, and your conviction of the Sacred Truths is strengthened. Time factor is essential and, as such, much patience and perseverance are required.

You sow a seed in the soil. Let it remain hidden within the earth and construct a strong hedge around it and strive for its regular watering and weeding in every possible way. To fall into sin is human but to remain therein is devilish. Never mind about your past howsoever gloomy or unhappy it has been because the Gracious Master-Power has blessed you with the climax of Divine Mercy when you were privileged to be led to the Living Master and accepted by Him. Let the waters of repentance wash away the dross and impurity of heart, and strive for the better mode of living by complete dedication of heart and soul. The Light of God is ahead within and the Heavenly Melody is inviting you to let It escort you to His Holy Feet.

I recall a beautiful episode of my Master, Hazur Baba Sawan Singh Ji, when during His lifetime, once, we were celebrating His Birthday. Illuminating stanzas were composed and sung in appreciation of Him and there was invocation for His Gracious Mercy. He was impressed by the devoted humility of the congregation and spoke with emotion,

Look here, when you scale me with Lord Providence or Almighty I do not accept it. Let us for the sake of argument take what you say to be true. Then if you adore me like the Highest Saint gracing the earth and representing the Father, just keep my commandments and you will be benefited and my mission will be successful.

With the same thought I repeat and exhort with firmness that I count myself as His humble servant and call upon you dear ones to be firmly and humbly devoted to your Holy Meditations, thereby making your life sublime.

You should become a source of help and inspiration to your less gifted brethren who may better their lots by following your example. Please note an ounce of practice is better than tons of theory. The world is fed up with preaching, and child humanity is looking urgently for Life and Light. You can be the harbingers of peace and prosperity by living a life as enjoined by the Master. One developed soul will be helpful for many others. Spirituality cannot be taught, it must be caught like an infection which is passed on to others who are receptive.

Satsang is the central theme of the Sacred Teachings and I always impress upon the dear ones here and abroad not to miss it, as it is during these precious moments when you are near the fountainhead of bliss and immortality, that you grasp the true import of the teachings and assimilate the rare virtues of godliness, by sitting in the charged atmosphere which is filled His loving Life-Impulses. Satsang is the Sacred Arena where Spiritual Stalwarts are built. It is the pool of nectar, which grants blissful God-intoxication and all differences of caste, creed, or country sink down to their lowest ebb. We are all brothers and sisters in God and should attain this Divine Virtue of common brotherhood of man and Fatherhood of God. Love one another faithfully and devotedly so that others may know and see for themselves that you belong to the Living Master. Remember, actions speak more clearly than eloquent words spoken under emotional impulses. Just live like a fragrant flower, which blooms in a forest, and fills the atmosphere with its rich fragrance. You should know it for certain that you are divine in all respects and are the master of your destiny which is full of higher potentialities. You are simply to make exertion to change for the better, and firmly stick to your resolutions. All else is to follow of itself, as the Gracious Master-Power is at your side to extend all feasible help, grace and protection.

How to catch the Gracious Master-Power is a question which many of you would like to solve. It is so simple yet hard to be assimilated all at once. It is the self which stands in the way. You are not confined to body or its limitations. You are not the intellect or mind, yet you possess all these for some higher purpose.

Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.

For that you are to purify your body, mind, and intellect by redeeming them from the dirt and dross of senses, while withdrawing yourself temporarily during your meditations, by attuning to the Holy Naam, which gradually will manifest to you in all effulgence and glory. Just relax and still more completely relax and invoke His Mercy by complete surrender and resignation to to His Will and His Pleasure to grant and bless you with whatever He deems fit. Please note that you are not to guide but to follow. He who follows is escorted and led to the Supreme. The cup which is under chalice is filled with the Divine Nectar. Hence the rare virtue of reverential humility is an astounding asset for the child disciple, who should always remain wide awake and conscious of the ever present grace being extended to him/her in ever increasing measure. The Gracious Master-Power is ever with you. Nay It is the very enlivening principle, which is giving you life here and hereafter. Just catch hold of It and follow It implicitly, eliminating your ego and vanity, dropping them as outworn pieces of cloth. Please do not strain but await with patience and firmness.

Love knows service and sacrifice and is considered the ennobling virtue for the assimilation of Sacred Teachings. As said above, unless the polluted mind and intellect are bereft of their sediment and dross, they fail to assimilate the higher Truths. A vicious person shuns the Holy Company of the Saints whereas a person blessed with the boon of humility rushes to the Master. The very physical body is blessed when one sits in the Satsang. Such a person knows how to still the body and mind by sweetly looking into the lustrous eyes and forehead of the Master, or the feeling of His auspicious presence. The heart is filled with the pious virtues of receptivity, humility, piety, and chastity. You learn the technique of invoking His Mercy by humble prayer and supplication.

Service is considered an ornament to a beautiful person that adorns and elevates his/her soul to become a clean vessel for His Grace. Service of any type granted at the Holy Feet of the Master is beneficial and should be cherished as whatever one does must bring its fruit, in accordance with the Law of Karma. The secret of selfless service is to deny the reward or recognition of any type and on the contrary consider one’s self as an humble instrument in the Divine Hands, which are the sustainers and protectors of all. All credit goes to the Master, yet the media of Love are blessed with the superb Divine Intoxication which is of supreme magnitude.


Note: The above text corresponds to the text as it was published in Sat Sandesh 1970/July.