Association with Truth

The guidance of the Living Master is of supreme importance. A Master is a Master indeed, a Master in all three phases of life; a Guru or Master on the physical plane, sharing our joys and sorrows, guiding affectionately each one of us in our worldly affairs, and above all imparting Spiritual Instructions; a Guru Dev or Radiant Form of the Master on astral and causal regions helping the spirit in meditation at each place and Sat Guru or Master of Truth or Truth itself in the Beyond.

The importance of attending Satsangs or Spiritual Gatherings can not be over emphasised. Theory always precedes practice. It is but necessary to understand clearly the teaching of the Master in all their bearings, before starting Spiritual Practice. The Master is the be-all and end-all on the Spiritual Path. He, however, does not ask for blind faith, though experimental faith is necessary for the purpose, to start with. He emphatically expresses: “Believe not the words of the Master, unless you see the Reality yourself”, or at least have some experience of It yourself.