To cultivate and develop the five Cardinal Virtues

… which constitute the bed-rock of Spirituality. These are:
  1. AHIMSA – or Non-injury to all living creatures and more so to fellow beings, by thoughts, words and deeds – the injunction in this behalf being: Injure not a human heart for it is the seat of God. We must have respect for others’ feelings and tolerance for others’ opinions.

  2. SATAYAM – or Truthfulness. As God is Truth, we must practice Truth in all our dealings. If Truth resides in every heart, it must manifest itself in life and action. “Be true to thyself and it must follow as night the day, thou canst not be false to any man.” We must, therefore, avoid falsehood at all costs. It includes, besides, downright lies, hypocrisy and dishonesty, suppresso veri – suppression of Truth –, suggestio falsi – suggestions of false ideas.

  3. BRAHMACHARYA – or life of Chastity: It includes continence in thoughts, words and deeds. We must not cast covetous eyes on others nor entertain impure thoughts within, for “Chastity is life and sexuality is death.“ If we want to tread the Path of Life Eternal, we must be chaste and clean both within and without.

  4. PREM – or Love for all living creatures and more so for all human beings. Let there be hatred for none. The entire manifestation is the handiwork of God and must, therefore, be loved and respected. “He who does not know Love, cannot know God.”

  5. NISHKAM SEVA  or Self-less service to all living creatures in sorrow and distress. If one limb of the body is in torture, the other limbs can have no rest. “Service before self” should therefore be our motto in life.