Financial Control

The work of Spiritual Regeneration is carried on only with voluntary contributions from the sangat or the brotherhood. There are no hard and fast rules in this behalf. Everybody is free to contribute whatever he can easily do for the service of the Sacred Cause. There is no question of imposition or taxation in the matter. No financial aid from persons outside the brotherhood is accepted and there is a reason for this. We want funds from the earnings of those honest souls who earn their living by honest means and are touched by the Love of God. 

It must be noted that Master does not accept any gifts or offering from His disciples. All His personal needs He meets from His own pocket. All voluntary contributions are collected only for the work of the sangat. It is therefore necessary that proper account should be kept of all income and out-go, on regular scientific lines so as to eliminate all chances of misapplication of the funds and to ensure its full utility on economic and efficient lines. It is necessary that suitable arrangements be made for periodical checking of the same, and every effort must be made to minimize the expenses to the bare needs and requirements of the time and occasion. 

All such things can be arranged by mutual consultation in a spirit of friendly good will. Selfless or honorary service with Love in preference to paid work is advised except in rare cases where a sincere worker needs help which may be in the form of honorarium.