Self Reformation

Purity of life in thought, word and deed is of prime importance in the service of the Master. A Divine Cause can flourish and fructify in abundance on a pure soil. We must all learn to look within and not without. It is far easier to see a mote in another’s eye than to see a beam in one’s own. We must try to inculcate the habit of self-introspection, so as to weed out all infirmities one by one. The importance of maintaining and submitting of a diary by all for this purpose cannot be overemphasised. All initiates should devote regular time to the Spiritual Practices with due regard to ethical life and abstinence of all meat, fish, fowl or eggs, and maintain their diaries for submission to the Master after every three months. They should guard against the five deadly sins of desire, anger, greed, infatuation and vanity, and develop instead the virtues of Truth, chastity, non-injury, Universal Love, and selfless service.