Harvest is much – Labourers are wanted

All those who help in the Master’s cause in whatsoever way are the chosen ones. Whenever a Master-Spirit comes into the world, He brings His own staff with Him. Whoever puts in a stone in His edifice, does service to Him. It therefore behoves all the more that such selfless workers should present a true model of common brotherhood rather than to add another discord where there is already so much.

Again, service is service and must be rendered in a true spirit of service. Service must come before self. All thoughts of self must be sacrificed at the altar of service. That service alone is acceptable to the Master as is voluntary, free and untarnished by even the least traces of self. It must not be rendered in an animal spirit, a fighting mood, just as a matter of right or routine, all of which tend to lower the True Spirit and dignity of service. There is one more point that may not be lost sight of, in respect of service. Nobody can render service or even think of rendering it, unless he is so actuated by the Master-Power, permeating in the very fibbers of his being. So one should never think, with all that he does, that he has done any service. It is therefore said that one living in the house of the Master, and carrying out His behests, should never feel that he has done anything. And this in fact is the veritable truth, because all credit goes to the Motor Power or the Great Dynamo, working in and through each individual. One must, therefore, feel and see the Master Hand working behind the scene. All such service is glorious indeed, as it is free from all taints of the self.

The Master-Power works regardless of all limitations of time, space and causation. Even when acting through certain authorised persons in distant lands, the sole responsibility remains with the Master. The agents are just mere instruments to arrange preliminaries, to fill in applications of persons desirous of initiation, to convey the instructions of the Master, and after due approval to arrange sittings and meetings, etc. The transmission of the Life-Impulse, the coupling process and the like, all come from the Master directly and nobody has any hand in them. None can, therefore, claim any superiority over his colleagues, because of this. All from the highest to the lowest get their inspiration from the Master, and owe the good fortune of being helpful in one way or another. 

We must, therefore, work in a team spirit of brotherly Love with no thoughts of high and low, for all service is one – the Divine Service, of which we all are the members. The arrangements, however, exist for the sake of discipline and maintaining order in the smooth running of the Spiritual Work. But as said above, none should feel elated or entertain feelings of superiority over others. All of us have to work shoulder to shoulder under the guiding inspiration of the Master. The persons selected as representatives are the elders and more experienced and should be respected. In case of any difference of opinion, the matter may be referred to the Master, and until then no one should go on strike or over-rule them but work in close co-operation with them. 

Such selected ones – representatives – should be in complete harmony with others working in that capacity as they are selected to carry on the work of the Master. When opportunity is afforded they should meet each other for consultation of any important points. This will ensure uniformity and inculcate Love in others and afford variety of talks to the groups situated in the various, areas. The representatives should submit quarterly – April, July, October and January – a regular report on the working of the Master’s Mission in their areas, with constructive suggestions, if any, touching all important points with names of group assistants carrying on work in different centres. I would also be glad to hear from those in charge of the various centres at regular intervals about any important events occurring at those places. I have a loving appreciation of all the work done by them.