Spirituality – A Divine Cause

The cause of the Master is the cause of God. It is no religion in the commonly accepted sense of the word and yet it is the Highest Religion based on Love alone. We cannot keep the illimitable God in watertight limited compartments.

God Himself has declared,

I neither live on the high heavens nor on the earth below, yet the wonder of wonders is that I live in the heart of a Momin or Godman.

Again, Spiritual Teaching and Training is a living and practical subject, quite different from secular and sectarian dogmas and so many creeds that we have today. Life, Light and Love coming from a Living Master well out spontaneously from the heart and not from any books on theology. No doubt everything has its own value, but in a world of relativity, the values are all relative. A positive contact with the Life-Principles of Living God is something unique. It stands on a footing which is entirely different.