Turn to the Master within

6 July 1973

Dear Children of Light, Representatives, Group Leaders, Initiates, Seekers of God and Aspirants

It is a pleasure to see that the Vineyard of Hazur is in full bloom and His family is growing from strength to strength with the passage of time. Along with this, there is a corresponding increase in the work load, especially in the incoming mail that is growing in bulk each day.

In this connection, I have already issued three detailed Circular Letters – dated 13 June and 5 November, 1969, and 27 January, 1970, as printed in 'Receptivity' – followed by another on 20 February, 1971. The main purpose of issuing these Circular Letters was to provide useful and practical guidelines to the dear ones on the Path and consequently to streamline and cut down the unnecessary and avoidable correspondence. But it appears that the instructions contained therein have not been read, appreciated and followed in the spirit in which they were issued. It is evident from the incessant inflow of numerous routine and stereotype letters/communications received over here in large numbers.

You would please realise that it takes a lot of time to dispose of it by working late hours in the night – many times beyond midnight. It is, therefore, once again desired to limit the correspondence work and to keep it within rational bounds. For this purpose it is suggested that every one must strive to do his or her mite to achieve the desired results positively so as to leave ample time for the Master to attend to more important matters of policy, planning and projects in hand, relating to man-making and Spiritual Upliftment all around.

I have, time and again, emphasised that each one should make oneself thoroughly conversant with:

a) the guidelines provided in the various books published so far, and

b) the contents of the various Circular Letters issued heretofore.

It is all the more important that the Group Leaders and the Representatives should, by careful reading and reverent study of the books and Circular Letters, make themselves thoroughly conversant with the basic tenets of the Science Spiritual and induce those in the fold, both old and new, to do likewise so as to have a clear and correct insight into the day to day problems of life which are, more or less, alike in their nature and are of a routine type. In this way, there would be a division of labour and each one would learn to stand on one’s own legs and will also be able to help his or her brethren. By helping others you are, in fact, helping your own self in so many different forms. Selfless service has its own reward and being born of innate Love for all, embraces the totality of His being.

Until now, it was suggested that the self-introspection diaries should come directly to the Master for obtaining instructions and guidance, but it is now felt that in the overall interest of the entire work and to lessen the strain on the Master, this work can safely be decentralised and left to the sagacious care of the Representatives and Group Leaders. The two things to be carefully observed in the diaries are:

1) Regular and accurate meditations from day to day and as a corollary, therefore, experiences will be gained in Vision and Audition;

2) Lapses in cardinal virtues, especially in thought, for mind is the greatest foe and has to be turned into a useful friend and ally by coaxing, cajoling and gradual restraint, by a careful watch over its antics.

Victory over the mind means victory over the world. One who can contain himself by controlling the mind is the greatest hero and the bravest of the brave. If this is achieved, lapses in words and deeds will take care of themselves and will automatically go down.

Another thing worth noting is difficulties and obstacles met with by the practitioners. These are, in the main, due to lack of carefree relaxation in practice, and consciousness of pranas – respiration –, which supply a fulcrum to the mind and set it to wool-gathering. Ignore the pranas as we ignore them in all our bodily activities.

Again, most of the dear souls crave for spectacular results and complain of slow progress. But, be it known that the time factor is an essential element and it differs with different individuals, depending on so many factors: each one’s background, mental development, present environments and the degree of receptivity acquired. The Spiritual Path is an arduous up-hill journey and requires steadfast patience and perseverance. Slow and steady wins the race in the long run. The Master-Power is more anxious to pull us up than we are prepared to repose in Him. He knows our needs more than we do and is ever ready to extend His helping hand to us if we care to grasp it. Instead of completely giving ourselves to the healthier, higher and holier influence coming from above, we remain, for the most part, hide-bound or mind-ridden and thus we stand in the way of the Divine Power Which comes down like a gentle dove if we are but ready to receive Him. On the contrary, we stand between God and ourselves and keep surveying the process of withdrawal instead of engaging in the Spiritual Practices with all our heart, mind and soul.

Next, there are three types of common ailments which usually haunt and afflict our footsteps: physical or bodily, emotional or mental, and those caused by Vis-Major or the Divine Power. The major events in life are, for the most part, charted out beforehand and the rest too are the effects of causes set going in the past, and there is no escape therefrom. It is better to accept them smilingly and take them sportively than to rue over them and keep a long face all the time. Being in the flesh it is not wise to expect wholeness all the time. We have to adjust ourselves to the surroundings, conditions and circumstances and then the storms and stresses will just blow over like a gentle breeze. The initiates have, however, the added advantage of the long and strong arm of the Master-Power Which always works to their good, even in seemingly adverse situations.

These are some of the problems which, at one stage or another, crop up in the life of everyone, and most of the correspondence is of a stereotype nature and as such can easily be handled and disposed of locally, by explaining matters sweetly and gently and putting things in their right perspective. In this way you can relieve the Master to a great extent. It would be better to read the instructions carefully, and an attempt should be made to make each realise the importance of minimising the work load at this end.

These are just a few tips. All these matters are, as said above, fully explained in the various publications and Circular Letters, which cover a wider range of subjects and situations, and can easily be pressed into service to meet.

Last but not least, there is a cardinal need for developing Inner Receptivity. The Master-Power, as you all know, is not confined to any particular place. It is working in and around you. You have but to turn your face towards Him inwardly to get the required help and guidance wherever necessary. Learn to sit still and be mentally still, and the silence thus generated will be more vocal than words spoken and written; and you will have an instantaneous solution not only to your personal problems but to the problems of others as well. This is the greatest secret of success.

I am always there to help you, both within and without. I shall welcome all the references that are really of an important nature which cannot be easily resolved over there by the Group Leaders and Representatives.

My Love and good wishes are always with each one of you. You cannot imagine with what longing the Master-Power awaits you at the eye focus ready to receive you with open arms. I wish you the best of luck and pluck in all your endeavours.

With all Love and kind thoughts,
Yours affectionately

Kirpal Singh