To succeed in Man-Making

27 January 1970

Dear ones

The recent increase in correspondence received here indicates that the many books written by me, in addition to the Circular Letters issued over the past two years, especially those dated 13 June and 5 November, 1969, have not been read, appreciated and digested by the dear ones. This is confirmed by the contents of the letters written to me by most of the initiates, which bring up the same questions and problems which had been answered in previous letters, or could have been answered by a proper study of the books and circulars already referred to.

My Circular Letters should be read again and again, both at Satsangs and individually. Again, I should like to stress that the Circular Letters, dated 13 June and 5 November, give the right understanding and guidance for all situations, and any problems or difficulties that may be encountered in the day to day living of the initiates. You must put this right understanding into actual practice if you wish to succeed in the task of man-making, which you alone can do. The more you succeed in this way, the more receptivity you will develop to the Master-Power within you. The Circular Letters mentioned above should be given to every new initiate, to give impetus to their initiation. To give further help and encouragement on the Way, my new book 'Morning Talks' will soon be available for general distribution. This book, which covers most aspects of Spirituality, is a God-given Spiritual Textbook to which all initiates should constantly refer to see how they are measuring up to the standards required for success in their man-making. I cannot stress sufficiently the importance of reading this book, digesting its contents, and then living up to what it contains.

The dear ones should also be regular in attending Satsang, which is where the theoretical side of the Teachings are given, to enable them to increase their understanding of what the books and Circular Letters written by the Master contain. When you have right understanding, you will have right thoughts, and from right thoughts will automatically flow right words and right action. Satsang is not a place for gossip or social get-togethers. It is a Sacred Forum where all meet to sit in sweet remembrance of the Master as well as to increase their understanding. While I permitted meditations also to be held at Satsang in the past, generally after the Satsang, I would now suggest that those dear ones who would like to meditate together, do so before the Satsang commences. This will avoid the incidence of social chit-chat that has, in many cases, been reported to me as going on at the beginning and end of Satsang. It will also avoid the participation of non-initiates in the meditation period, which is not desirable, except in cases of sincere seekers after Truth, who are desirous of initiation. When Satsang is finished, everyone should leave. Those non-initiates who are interested in the Teachings should be advised to first thoroughly study the books and other literature available, before asking any questions. If after such a thorough study of the Teachings, they still have some questions, these may be answered by the Group Leader. By attending Satsang in the right spirit, the Master-Power within each initiate will radiate, and the resultant charging of the atmosphere will give a boost to all. At times like these, the Master-Power is given the right environment to do Its work, which is to prepare the dear ones for their second birth into the Beyond.

If all the initiates give a proper study to the books and Circular Letters and also attend the Satsang in the way described above, there should be no need for them to write to the Master with any question or problem, the solution of which already lies at hand. Every initiate should understand that to write to me on any problem or with any questions is to limit the Master-Power working within them. It but delays the answer, which could otherwise be known within a short time by following the advice given above. In my Circular of 13 June, I advised the initiate who had some problem or question to which he required an answer, to sit quietly in a receptive mood, thereby attuning himself to the gracious Master-Power within him. Then he would surely receive his answer and have full confidence as to what course of action he should take.

For example, there is one story from the life of Lord Krishna.

One of his disciples, a lady, was attacked by some men in a lonely place. So naturally, she cried out to Lord Krishna for help, but thought of him as being in the place where his physical body resided, which was many miles away. Just when her condition was becoming desperate, Lord Krishna appeared and she was saved. When she remonstrated with Lord Krishna for taking so long to come to her aid, he replied, Well, you thought of me as being miles away from you, so it took some time for me to come to help you. But if you had realised that I am always with you, am in fact your constant companion, I would have appeared instantaneously.

The diary forms on which you record your Spiritual Progress should of course continue to be sent to me, so that I can give further guidance on Inner, Spiritual Progress. If any initiate feels that he must have some outer guidance on the Teachings, he should discuss his questions and/or problems with the Group Leader or Representative of his area. In this regard, Group Leaders and Representatives should be thoroughly familiar with the Teachings. They will greatly reduce their own workload if they read out at Satsang the Circular Letters already referred to, in addition to selections from the books written by me. The new book 'Morning Talks' will provide them with invaluable material for this purpose. But most of all, they should set an example to others in their actions. Example is better than precept. If they carry out their responsibilities in a loving and humble manner, they will become more receptive channels for the Master-Power to work through. Their very radiation will benefit others without them uttering one word.

However, there is one very important point that must be borne in mind by all, whether initiates, group leaders, or representatives. This is, that Group Leaders and Representatives are there purely for the purpose of giving out the theoretical side of the Teachings and in arranging facilities whereby the initiates of their group or area can meet together for Satsang. Group Leaders and representatives are not to be used as crutches for the other initiates to lean upon. Nor should the initiates look to them for any purpose but to help them in understanding the Teachings. In other words, initiates should not look to them for Spiritual Guidance in any shape or form, as this is the function of the Master. If an initiate looks to a Group Leader or Representative for Spiritual Guidance he automatically places a blockage in between himself and the Master and his Spiritual Progress will suffer in consequence. Similarly if a group leader or representative allows himself to be used in this way, he too stands to lose. So, to summarise, Group Leaders and Representatives are there only to help others to have right understanding of the Teachings – which they can only do if they are thoroughly conversant with them – and to provide a healthy example of the life to be led. It should be remembered that the Master-Power is within each initiate and that each one should be an inspiration to his fellow, whether initiate or non-initiate. Those who have developed more receptivity than others can by their very example and radiation give a boost to their less developed brothers, without exerting any sort of superiority over them. I always used to pray to my Master that if any goodness went out of me to the benefit of my fellow man, then I should not know about it.

With all Love and best wishes,
Yours affectionately

Kirpal Singh