To reveal practically through a Master-Soul the Divine Link which is already existing in man and in all creatures. It is the Eternal Sound-Principle variously described as Sruti in the Vedas, Udgit in the Upnishads; Akash Bani or Nad in the Hindu scriptures; Sraosha in Zind Avesta of Zoroaster; Word or Holy Ghost in the Gospels; Kalma or Kalam-i-Quadim in Al-Koran and Shabd or Naam by the Masters. It is revealed by actual experience of the Light of God and the Voice of God, for without it good morals and knowledge of the esoteric teachings, however great, by themselves are not of much use. This is why Christ always emphasized, –

Be ye the Doers of the Word and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.

James' Epistle 1:22