Pre-suppositions (Theory)


To clarify the Eternal Truth of life, through the correct interpretation of all the Scriptures revealing the under-lying unity of all the religions, for correct knowledge paves the way to practical experience.

Truth is one, the sages have described It variously.

Rig Veda

The true significance of this Upanishadic text can best be explained only by a Master-Saint. He, who has not only Seen the Truth face to face but is actually established in the Truth of which all the scriptures speak, can with authority correctly present its various facets and lead us out of the apparently conflicting views of the various scriptural texts, by giving their true import.

This is a question of gaining Self-knowledge by practical Self-analysis, and it has been before us ever since the world began. Rishis or Holy Ones of old who practically experienced the Self and the Over-self, gave out their experiences in the valuable sayings they left with us, in the different languages and peculiar modes of expression prevalent at the time. To err is human, and we forgot. Other Saints and teachers came from time to time to revive this old, old Science given out in the holy Scriptures, which are the records of the valuable spiritual experiences of all who came in the past so far. Free from intellectual wranglings, he gives us right knowledge which is so very necessary for practical spiritual discipline.

Listen Ye to the true testimony of Saints, for They say what They actually see with Their own eyes.