Chapter IV

Ruhani Satsang

A few words on what is termed as 'Ruhani Satsang' may not be amiss here. In this seat of Spiritual Teaching and Training – Sawan Ashram – talks are delivered on nothing else but the Science of the Spirit, meaning thereby the Higher Self in man (lying buried under the over-bearing pressure of the worldly objects); how it can, at will be extricated and withdrawn from physical organs and outgoing faculties through which it experiences the outer world, the process of Inversion involved therein, the various Spiritual planes that can be tnascended, and the need for a pure, simple and honest life of chastity and so on. Besides theoretical exposition and stress on ethical aspect of life, every initiatee, irrespective of caste, colour or creed, at the time of Initiation is imparted an actual experience of the Light and Sound of God and the Withdrawal of the Spirit from the sensory plane. This experience is had in the silent depths of the Spirit when it is freed from the entanglements of the body and is concentrated at its own centre behind and between the two eyebrows. The contact with Light and eternal Sound Principle given at the lowest level of the Divine Current at the very first sitting, can be developed by daily practice. It gradually depersonalises the soul by breaking the walls of finite existences and gives victory over death and one successfully achieves the Summum Bonum of life, thus fulfilling the very purpose of human birth. The experience of Withdrawal of the Spirit from the body and contact with the Word or Naam within is bestowed freely to the seekers after Truth just as any other gift of nature, like light, air and water etc.