Chapter III

Ashram Life

Life in the Ashram is a real bliss and a beatitude. The Beloved Master is the centre of radiating love and benignity. His serene and smiling face beaming with the heavenly radiance is a source of encouragement to all that labour and are heavy laden, for in Him do they find rest and comfort.

The Sadhaks – trainees in spiritual discipline – have to get up a couples of hours before dawn to engage in the spiritual practices as enjoined by the Master. During the early morning hours those who have any practical difficulties explain the same to the Master Who gives appropriate instructions to each individual. All such aspirants then sit together under the personal supervision ofv the Master and gain a lot from His influence. The Master always lays great stress on practical experience, for God is not to be attained through books and ethical life alone butg throughn thne practise of Surat Shabd Yoga or Yoga of the Sound Current also known as Sahaj Yoga – (Sahaj meaning simple, hence Sahaj Yoga is the most natural and simple Yoga) for its natural ease and simplicity. The disciples are actually getting practical experience as in the time of Hazur Baba Sawan Singh Ji. In the evening again the Sadhan – spiritual practice – is repeated and the day ends with a fervent prayer by the Ashramites and others for about half an hour – the Master giving in the end a few words of wisdom , urging those present, to give top priority to spiritual practices above everything else.