Take heed that the Light Which is in thee be not darkness.

St Luke 11:35

Man is just an infinitesimal unit in the vast organization of God's creation, but he occupies a top place in the evolution of the species. Made by the Master-hand of the Creator and His Life breath surging in him all the time he is truly blessed.

But unfortunately as things stand, there is hardly a trace of the Holy Spirit in all the acts and deeds of man. With all his progress in the outer material world, he is yet groping in the dark, so far as the Inner life is concerned. His conquests over the forces of nature and his learning and knowledge have not enabled him even to have a peep inside into the world of Spirit or Soul, in the Light and life which he actually lives and is mightily engaged in his worldly pursuits.

The spiritual side of man, though most vital, has been sadly neglected and ignored. This apathy on man's part is due partly to his own indifference and self-complacency but mainly it is due to scarcity of practical Masters in the Science of the Spirit. Spiritual life is purely a province of the Saints who have by practical self-analysis seen the Truth or Reality and are competent enough to make others experience the same. It is entirely a subjective thing and none but a real Adept, both in theory and in practice, can help one on this Path, by practical demonstration of the Light and Voice of God, by enabling the spirit to rise above the sensory plane.

The Science of the Masters is in fact the most ancient, the most natural and the most exact ever known to mankind, as it is gouverned by the immutable laws of the Spirit, of Which we, however, are hopelessly ignorant. Time and again, Saints come upon the earth, to revive this oft-forgotten Para-Vidya (Knowledge of the Beyond), and to inculcate its vital importance to man.

A few years ago, we had amongst us a living Godman, moving in the garb of Baba Sawan Singh Ji, who during His sojourn on earth initiated, well nigh, two lakhs of persons into the esoteric teachings of the Masters, both in theory and in practice.

The life's mission of the Great Master – Baba Sawan Singh Ji – is being carried on at present by His beloved disciple Sant Kirpal Singh Ji, at Sawan Ashram, Delhi.

The Master and the Ashram are not two separate entities, for Master is the very life and soul of the Ashram, nay Master is the Ashram for He alone is the refuge and sheet-anchor of the Ashramites. Spiritual aspirants and thousands of others come to the Ashram to listen to His spiritual discourses or to consult Him and seek His sage counsel in all the variegated affairs of life. The Message of the Great Master and His Ashram have thus identical aims – to wit: Liberation of Spirit from the outer man at will, so as to witness the Glory of God within.

The Kingdom of God comes not with observation. The Kingdom of God is within you.

St Luke 17:20-21

Bhadra Sena