The Knowledge of the Lotus Body

Dharam Das said:

Oh Lord, You have made my birth successful. Making me free from Yama, You have made me Your own. Even if one had a thousand tongues in his mouth, then also Your qualities could not be described.

Oh Lord, I am very fortunate. Who else is as fortunate as I am?

Only that Jiva in whose heart Your Naam resides is the fortunate one. Now listen to my one request, and tell me the description of this body. Which god lives where and what work does he do?

How many veins are there, and how much blood and hair? And by which routes do the breaths flow? Lord, tell me about the intestines, the bile, and the lungs. Lord, describe to me where these things are located, giving me the signs. How many petals are there in each lotus, and day and night, how many breaths come and go?

From where does the Shabd emanate, and tell me where does It go and merge?

If any Jiva gets the shimmering light, oh Lord, tell me how to discriminate. Which god’s darshan she is having, and explain that place to me.

The Satguru said:

Dharam Das, hear now about the body, which is different from the Naam of Sat Purush. In the first mool chakra is a four-petalled lotus where Ganesha lives. He is called the giver of the quality of knowledge, and by doing contemplation and six hundred japas he may be experienced. Above the mool lotus is the akhara and there is the lotus of six petals. Brahma, Savitri and the gods rule there, and six thousand ajapas sound there. In nabhi is the eight-petalled lotus; Vishnu and Lakshmi are the main ones living there. Going there one gets the proof of six thousand ajapas, and this place can be reached only by practising the Path of the Masters. Above it is the twelve-petalled lotus, and in that lotus Shiva and Parvati reside. In there the six thousand ajapas happen – witness this by the knowledge of the Master. Above this is the sixteen-petalled lotus, where one thousand ajapas happen. There Shakti, known also as Durga or Kali, dwells. The Jiva lives in the lotus of the two petals. Her place is between the two eyebrows, where the abode of King Mind is, too.

Oh Dharam Das, pay attention: one thousand ajapas happen there. Dharam Das, God of the Souls, understand this. Above the two petals is the place of the void where the light is shimmering. Understand that as Niranjan. Oh Dharam Das, listen to the message of Shabd. I am giving you the teaching of knowing what is within. Again listen about the body, and have faith only in the One Naam.

The body is created by blood. Millions of hairs have decorated the earth of the body. There are seventy-two main veins, but one is the unique one, by entering which, one gets the form of Truth. When the Shabd is manifested the attributes of the lotus come forward. When the Shabd emanates, one enters the void and merges within It. The intestine is of twenty-one hands, and the stomach is approximated to (measure) one and one quarter arm length. Solar plexus is of one and one quarter arm lengths; one goes in the cave through the openings. Understand the bile as three fingers (breadth) and the heart as five fingers (breadth). The lungs are of seven fingers, and in them reside seven oceans. Withdrawing the air from the body, the sadhu takes the path of the yogi. They keep doing this yoga, and, without devotion, are swept away in the world.

– The Yoga of True Knowledge is the Abode of Happiness, from which one gets Naam and goes to the Real Home. The Soul (then) becomes the liberated One after destroying the very mighty enemy.

Oh Dharam Das, through the knowledge of the Master, understand the ways of the mind. Mind shows the light in the void, and mind itself creates different types of illusions. The nirunkur has been created by mind, oh brother. And the creation of mind is spread throughout the three worlds. At many places the Jiva bows her head – by not recognising her own self, she is deceived. This is all in the will of Niranjan and without the True Naam his trap cannot be cut. As the organ grinder gives pain to the monkey by making him dance in different ways, in the same way the mind makes the Jiva dance by making her firm in the deep trap of karmas and illusions.

The True Shabd uproots the mind. Only the rare ones, who know its secret, recognise the mind. Receiving the message of Sat Purush, the mind becomes jealous and takes the Jiva in his direction. Oh Dharam Das, these are the ways of the mind. Recognise the mind and accept the feet. In this body no one else lives. Mind and Soul alone live in this house. The mind is stuck in five, twenty-five, and three – all these are slaves of Niranjan. When the essence of Sat Purush comes in the Jiva, she remembers the sign of her Real Home. These slaves have surrounded the Jiva. Unless she recognises them, the Jiva also becomes the slave of Yama.

As a parrot caught in a cage, being in the control of illusion, the Jiva doesn’t know herself. As the lion, seeing his reflection in the water understands it as another, jumping into the water, he loses his life – in the same way the Soul is deceived and doesn’t recognise herself. As the dogs, barking in a palace of mirrors, understand their reflection as other dogs, oh brother, when they hear the echo, they again start barking – in this way Yama has created deceptions for the Souls. When Kal devours them – then they repent. Because they don’t love the Shabd of the Satguru, they are destroyed. The fake naam is a branch of Niranjan and the Original Naam is of the Satguru. The Jivas do not love the feet of Satguru; but they can go back Home only after meeting the Satguru.

Oh Dharam Das, the Jivas have become of others, and thinking that it is nectar, they are entangled in poison. Dharam Rai has created such varieties that, being controlled by deception, the Souls have forgotten. Listen to the spread of karmas created by the mind. A Jiva will become the unique one after recognising this evil.


Oh Dharam Das, recognising him one should become different from him – accepting the lamp of my Shabd. One who sees this difference will not be caught by Yama. As long as the guards sleep, the thieves easily do their work. In the same way (the Souls) are controlled by illusion and the thief does his work.

– By awakening, she gets the unique quality, having which, Kal doesn’t get her. Illusion is like a well full of darkness in which Yamraj, through deceptions, devours the Soul.


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