The Embodiment of Chudamani

Kabir said:

Listen, Dharam Das: after ten months Chudamani’s Soul will manifest. He will be born in your home, and for the sake of the Souls He will take up the body. Dharam Das, listen to these words of wisdom I am telling you, understanding you as my own. You have got the store of things which I have given you. Now the One Who will become your son is my essence.

Then Dharam Das made this request:

Oh Lord, explain this to me: oh Sat Purush, I have controlled the organs of senses. How will Your essence take birth in the world?

Then the Lord spoke these words, giving the orders to have the relation through the attention only:

Oh Dharam Das, I am writing the Paras Naam by which the Essence will take birth. Understand the signs which I am explaining to you. Dharam Das, listen to this attentively: on the betel leaf write the sign of Sat Purush and give that to Amin.

Then the doubt of Dharam Das went away, and the subject became clear to him.

Dharam Das called Amin and made her fall at the feet of the beloved Lord. On the betel leaf he wrote the Paras Naam and gave it to her, by which she conceived the child. Chudamani resided in that pregnancy which came about through the attention. Dharam Das ordered Amin, and then she came and saluted him. When the pregnancy of ten months was full, the essence, Chudamani, was born. This happened on the seventh day of the moonlit half of Agahan.

When Muktayan, the Liberation Giver was manifested, Dharam Das gave away all his wealth:

"Fortunate am I that You have come into my home!"

And then Dharam Das bowed at His feet. When Kabir came to know that Muktayan had come, at once He came to Dharam Das’ house:

For the Liberation, the imperishable Muktayan has come, and for the sake of the Souls, He has taken up the body. Now the undecaying Sign, Which will liberate the Souls from Yama, has manifested. By the coming of Muktamuni, the Souls will become free.



Controlled the organs of senses: Dharam Das had children and lived a householder’s life of chastity and it was his intention to continue to do so.

Through the attention only: Some commentators interpret this sentence as 'immaculate conception,' as it was falsely reported about Mary and Jesus. Kirpal Singh stressed that such a phenomenon like a virgin birth does not exist; for the conception of a child, the previous sexual act is indispensable. The true meaning of the term 'immaculate conception' is another one:

Usually, a Great Soul enters a human body only then if the attention of both partners is concentrated on Eternal Truth before and during the matrimonial act. Then the attention is dyed in the colour of Naam and no lust is involved.

Kirpal Singh said accordingly:

Where there is Naam, no Kam* is there.

* Sensual passion, lust.

Performed in this way, the sexual act is pure and only then the Immaculate in the form of a Satguru will embody Itself in a physical human body. According to the Spiritual Status of the parents an 'adequate' Soul is attracted. – Baba Jaimal Singh had the same mother for five lives.

 Historicaly: Pius IX proclaimed in Rome the Immaculate Conception. 18 July 1870: by a vote of 533 to 2, the doctrine of papal infallibility was also defined as a dogma by the Roman Catholic Church. The dogma of the 'virgin birth' exists in the Roman Catholic Church for more than 1000 years.

Ten months: Lunar months.

Agahan: Month of the Hindi calendar and of calendars related to it. The month Agahan – also called Agrahayana or Margashirsha – lasts from mid-November to mid-December approximately. According to the Indian calendar systems see also the first paragraph of the subsection 'Kartik and Magh' in the illustration to 'Kal traps the Jivas.'

Muktayan: Another name for Chudamani.

Gave away all his wealth: Dharam Das was one of the richest men in India, and he is famous for having given away his property on this day.