Notes regarding today’s Confusion of the twelve Paths


At the formation 'Radhasoami' which is active in many countries nowadays seekers after Truth cannot receive Naam. Indeed it is said that seekers after Truth are initiated there but this alleged initiation into Naam is nothing but a myth – seekers after Truth are not connected with the Almighty Power and do not receive a first-hand experience of the Light and Sound of God. Instead they are told to need themselves strive for a practical experience.

This statement, however, is absurd and impossible to be realised, since the Masters of the Surat Shabd Yoga explain unambiguously that only the True Master can give an experience of the beyond directly at the first meditation-sitting.

So it is said by Kirpal Singh in a talk about initiation which He had given on 1st January 1964 in Miami during His second world tour:

The One Who is competent to bring your soul up into the beyond and give you an experience of the Light of God and the Voice of God is also competent to guide you when you rise above body consciousness and traverse into those planes. It is the God in Him, which is called God-Power or the Guru-Power or the Christ-Power.

He also makes clear:

First of all, we should know what initiation means. Initiation is no ceremony, no rite, no ritual, no offering. It is just like a school, in which a lesson is given; and for that lesson, first the Inner Theory is explained, and then an Inner Experience is given. […]

Outer formations and groups are not necessary. They only lead astray the human souls by outer show, rituals and empty promises.

(See the subchapter 'By Order of Sat Purush Gyani – later Kabir – comes to awaken the Souls; on the Way He meets Niranjan.')

Once Hazur Sawan Singh said to Kirpal Singh:

The mission of Spirituality can only be carried on successfully by one Adept in Spirituality. It cannot be entrusted to a blind* person. Whoever has a desire to find me out can reach me within through One Who is linked with me. You will not find me in the company of those who are after the possessions of the world. Be not deceived by such people. Do abhyas and peep inside your own self and meet me. I do not dwell in the midst of mayaic** insects. Go to some selfless being who is after me and lives for me and is not after possession of Deras. Gurumukh*** is delighted to have his Guru, while a manmukh**** wallows in luxury and pleasures of the world – Maya.*****

* Viz. spiritually blind, those whose Inner Eye is not open. – ** Those who attach themselves to wealth and wordly pleasures. – *** A mouthpiece of the Guru, the Master. – **** A mouthpiece of mind. – ***** Maya means all that, which keeps us attached to the world and away from God – deep forgetfulness.


Kirpal Singh! The people will flock to the place where they would find the riches of Naam. What have you to gain from Dera? You better leave Dera. When Baba Ji* came from Agra**, He brought with Him neither money nor followers. He fetched within Him only His Guru and through His blessings the present Dera*** came into existence. […]

Hazur Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj
with a short narrative brief Life Sketch (Fourth Edition, 1973) –
Hazur’s disease and His Spiritual Succession,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

* Baba Jaimal Singh Ji. – ** A town in U.P., India. – *** The Dera Baba Jaimal Singh close to Beas, see 'Notes regarding today’s Confusion of the twelve Paths – Part I.'

Thus it was clearly defined that Truth does not require any outer formations and that no new Dera will be established. The formation 'Radhasoami' is merely a social structure which is widespread in India, Europe and USA. However, one cannot find there the riches of Naam.

Mahatma Gandhi realised as well the disastrousness to believe there was any connection between Spiritual Wealth and worldly property. So taking the example of Christianity he made clear:

I am convinced that today’s Europe does not realise the spirit of God or that of Christianity but of Satan. And Satan is most successful where he appears with God’s name on the lips. Europe is Christian in name only. In reality it prays to the mammon. It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. These are the words of Christ. His so-called followers measure their moral progress by their material wealth.

(Translated from: M.K. Gandhi, Young India, 08.09.1920; cited in: Mahatma Gandhi: Worte des Friedens, Herder Verlag Freiburg, Basel, Wien, 2. Auflage, S. 39 und 26.)

On the occasion of a book inquiry by phone, the Representative of the 'Radha Soami Satsang Beas' in Germany was asked by a disciple of Kirpal Singh if one really could receive Naam there. Unknowingly that the man was a disciple of Kirpal Singh and that he (the disciple) had received Naam himself, the Representative replied that only outer explanations were given to the seekers after Truth – i. e. the (so-called) correct way of sitting (according to the teachings of this organisation). However, he stressed – at least he was sincere in not proclaiming that seekers get the contact with Naam there – that they were concerned with the Highest Ideal and because of that everyone had to strive by himself in order to get a practical experience of Naam.

(In regard to the activities of this formation see also the subsection 'The Path of Timir Doot' in the illustration to 'Description of the twelve Paths created by Kal – Part I.')