The Description of Performing Arti

How Dharam Das gets the Passport – Naam

With much Love, Dharam Das clutched the feet: oh Lord, You have made me the fortunate one. Oh Lord, I don’t have a tongue which can describe Your Nectar-filled qualities. Oh Swami, Your greatness is immeasurable, so how can I describe it, oh All-Conscious One? I am incompetent in all ways, and my thoughts are bad, but You saved me, the sinner. Oh Swami, tell me now the secret of chauka. What must I do, oh Abode of Happiness? Whatever You say, I will do it – nothing will be altered in that.

Kabir spoke:

Oh Dharam Das, listen to the preparations for that arti, performing which, the Yamraj runs away. Bring a piece of cloth of seven hands and set up a white canopy. Clean the house and courtyard. Bring a rectangular slab of sandalwood and sprinkle water on it. Make a square on it using flour and bring one and one-quarter seer of rice. Bring one white throne and put different types of fragrance there: white sweets, white betel leaf, and the betel nut should also be white. Put a clove, cardamom and camphor; and on the leaves of the banana, put eight kinds of dried fruits. Then bring a coconut, and arrange everything neatly. Whatever the Master ordered, Dharam Das brought everything.

Then Dharam Das made this request:

Oh Competent One, tell me the way of liberation. Oh Master, I have brought everything which You ordered from Your mouth.

Hearing this, the Master was happy:

Blessed are you, oh Dharam Das. Now you have understood me.

According to the directions for performing the chauka, the Lord sat on the throne.

He called all the younger and older Souls in the family of Dharam Das. Agreeing with each other, both husband and wife took the coconut in their hands. They presented that to the Master, and with full devotion bowed their heads.

Dharam Das said:

When the chauka was performed, the Sound of Shabd rang like cymbals and drums. Dharam Das’ straw was broken so that now Kal could not catch him. The Lord wrote the True Words for Dharam Das, which he accepted right then. Dharam Das took the passport, and for seven times he prostrated himself. Then the Satguru put His hand on his forehead, and giving him the teachings, He satisfied him.

Kabir Sahib gives the Teachings to Dharam Das

Kabir began as follows:

Listen, Dharam Das, I have unveiled the secret of the Truth. I have given you the drink of Naam, and have finished all the snares of Kal for you. Now listen to the ways of living, without knowing which man goes astray. Always do devotion wholeheartedly and, giving up the ego, serve the Sadhus. First of all, give up the limitations of the family, and then become a fearless devotee. Giving up all other practices, do seva, as the seva of the Master is the worship of the Master. The Soul who thinks herself clever and tries to deceive the Master is deluded in the world.

So never hide anything from the Master. Those who hide things from Him remain in the world. Always keep the words of the Master in your heart, and never let maya and attachment dampen you. By living this way, one does not return to this world, and always keeps his heart at the Lotus Feet of the Master.


Listen, Dharam Das, be firm in the Naam – the only refuge. This world is very complicated because Kal has laid his traps. Oh Dharam Das, by the Glory of Sat Purush’s Naam, one understands these things; if all the men and women in a family take Naam, then the great Negative Power doesn’t remain.

– Quickly go and call all the Souls who are in your home. Firmly focus your attention on the Beloved so that Kal may not deceive you again.

Dharam Das said:

Oh Lord! You are the origin of all Souls. You have finished all my pain. Narayan is my son. To him also give the wealth of Shabd.

– Hearing this, the Satguru smiled, but didn’t express His feelings.

Kabir spoke:

Dharam Das, quickly call those whose end you wish to be glorious.

– Then Dharam Das called everybody:

"Come! Bow your heads at the feet of the Husband! Brothers, come and touch the feet of the Competent One – in that way you will not be born into the world again."

Hearing this, many Souls came and embraced the Satguru’s feet. One didn’t come – Das Narayan. All others came to the feet of the Master.

Dharam Das thought,

Why didn’t my wise son come?

Narayan’s Contempt for Kabir

Dharam Das said to his servants:

"Where did my son, Narayan Das, go? Somebody go and search for him so that he too may come to the Master. Oh Roop Das! Have faith in the Master, and look for him. He might be reading the Gita. Quickly go and tell him that he is called, and that Dharam Das has got a Competent Master!"

– Hearing this, the messenger quickly went to the place where Narayan Das was.

The Messenger said to Narayan Das:

"Come quickly! Don’t delay! Dharam Das has called you."

Narayan Das said:

"I will not go to my father! He is old and his intellect is destroyed. Who else is a creator like Hari? Why should I leave him and worship somebody else? He has become senile, so he likes the weaver; but in my mind I have Vishnu as my Master. What can I say? I can’t say anything as my father has become mad."

The messenger came back to Dharam Das; after saying that Narayan Das wouldn’t come, he kept quiet. Hearing this, Dharam Das started walking and came to where his son was sitting.

Dharam Das said to Narayan Das:


"Oh son, come. Let’s go home where the Sat Purush Lord has come. Make the request and touch His feet, so that all your karmas may be wound up. I have come to tell you: come and accept the Satguru and quickly give up your ego. This opportunity will not come again, so leave your stubbornness, oh mad one.

– I have cut the bonds of Yama by getting the Perfect Satguru. Arise, my son, and come quickly so that you won’t have to take birth again."

Narayan Das said:

"Father, you have gone crazy. In the third stage of your life you have taken a living Master. There is no other god equal to the name of Rama – whom the rishis and munis also serve. You have left Guru Vishnu, and in your old age, you have taken up the living Master."

Dharam Das said:

(Taking him by the arm he lifted him up and brought him before the Satguru.)

"Oh child, touch the feet of the Satguru, Who is the Liberator from the bonds of Yama. The pain of coming in the womb again does not come to the Soul who gets the refuge of Naam. He leaves the world and goes to Sach Khand where the Naam of the Guru helps him."

Then Narayan Das turned his face and said:

"The low one has come into our house! From where did this living thug come who has driven my father crazy? Condemning the Vedas and Shastras, he speaks of his own glory! As long as this living thug remains with you, I give up the shelter of this house!"

– Hearing this, Dharam Das became upset, and didn’t know what his son might do. Then Amin, his wife, counselled him in many ways, but he did not take even one thing into his heart.

Then Dharam Das came to the Master and made this request:

Oh Lord, tell me the reason why my son has doubts.

The Satguru smiled and said:

Dharam Das, I told you this earlier also. Again I am telling you. Listen attentively and don’t be surprised.

When Sat Purush’s orders came:

"Oh Gyani, quickly go into the world because Kal is giving pain to the Souls. Hurry and go cut the bonds of Yama."

Immediately Gyani bowed his head and went to the unjust Dharam Rai. When Dharam Rai saw Gyani, his form swelled with anger.

Dharam Rai said:

"I have got this place by doing service, so why did you come into the ocean of the world? Oh Gyani, you don’t know about me. I will kill you!"

The Gyani said,

"Listen, unjust one! I will not be frightened by you. If you will speak egoistic words, very soon I will kill you!"

Then Niranjan made this request:

"You are going into the world to liberate the Souls. When all the Souls have gone to Sach Khand, how will my hunger be satisfied? Daily I have to eat one lakh Jivas and restore one lakh and a quarter. As Sat Purush has given me this plane, in the same way, oh Gyani, you also give me something. You will go into the world and bring the Souls, and free them from the trap of Kal. In the first three ages few Souls went, but in the Kali Yuga you will work hard. Now you will establish your Path and will send the Souls to Sach Khand."

After saying this, Niranjan continued,

"But I don’t have any force over you. If any other brother had come, I would have smashed and eaten him at once! If I say anything to you, you will not obey it, and you will go into the world. I will do something there so that nobody will believe in your Shabd. There I will create such karmas and illusions that nobody will find the way out. In every single home I will create the ghost of illusion, and deceiving the Souls, I will make them forget. All humans will eat flesh and drink wine, and all kinds of flesh will be the favourites. Oh brother, your devotion is difficult – nobody will believe it, I’m telling you! That is why I say: 'Don’t go into the world now!' "

Kabir continued:

At that time I told Kal, 

"I know your deceptions and tricks.


Making the Souls firm in the True Shabd, I will enable them to remove your illusions. I will make them recognise all your tricks, and by the strength of Naam I will liberate the Souls. Those who remember me in thought, word and deed, focusing their attention on the Elementless, such Souls will go to the Immortal World, putting their feet on your head.

– Any brave and wise Soul will finish your ego. And very happily that Soul will be convinced of the True Shabd."

Hearing this, Kal felt defeated and started to think of deceptions.

Dharam Rai said,

"Oh happiness giver, essence, explain this thing to me: what will be your name in this age? Speak that name aloud for me."

Kabir said:

"In the Kali Yuga my name will be Kabir, and by saying 'Kabir' Yama will not come near the Soul."

Hearing this, the unjust one said,

"Listen, Kabir, I’m telling you. In your name I will maintain the path, and in this way I will deceive the Souls. I will make twelve paths, and in your name I will preach of them. My being, Mritu Andha, will be incarnated in the home of Sukrit. Mritu Andha will go in your home and will bear the name Narayan. First my being will go, and then, brother, your essence will go. Accept at least this request which I am making, again and again having faith in you."

Kabir said to Dharam Das:

Then I told him,

"Listen, Dharam Rai. For the sake of Souls you have laid your traps."

I gave him that promise, and then came to the world. So the Mritu Andha has come into your home, bearing the name of Narayan. Narayan is the being of Kal. And for the Souls, Kal has laid this trap.


In my name he will brighten the path and deceive the Souls. The Souls who do not know his secret will go to hell. Just as the hunter plays the music to attract the deer, and hearing the music, the deer comes near and the hunter hits him:

– In the same way Yama has set up this trap, but those who are supposed to wake up, will do so. Those who will get the Word from my essence, will get to Sach Khand.



Nothing will be altered: Christ says:

If you love me, keep my commandments.

St John 14:15

There is no difference between the words of the Master and the Master.

As Kirpal Singh writes in 'Naam or Word,' there is 'Varan Atmak' – speech or sounds produced with outer mediums – and 'Dhun Atmak' – the Eternal Sound Current.

This does not mean that whatever the Saints utter by word of mouth has no value and is ineffectual. On the contrary, it means that of all the Varan Atmak words and sounds, these occupy the highest place, for the flow of Their words comes from out of the inexhaustible fund or reservoir at the back of all Fuqra-i-Kamil or Master-Souls, and They speak of nothing but what They actually see and experience in the depth of Their soul. Their words are worth tons of gold and emeralds for the seekers after Truth. They do not speak at the intellectual level, but Their words well out of themselves and are charged with Inner Inspiration, and carry in them the weight of conviction.

Naam or Word (Fourth Edition, 1981) –
Book V: III. Dhun Atmak Bhani,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

Bring a piece of cloth: The white canopy has been explained by Tulsi Sahib as a symbol for the purified attention, that was brought to the Shabd. The other elements of this performed parable were explained in accordant terms.

True Words: The five Sacred Words. (See the subsection 'Five Sacred Words' in the illustration to 'The Narration of Khemsari.')

Have finished all the snares of Kal for you: In the course of a valid initiation the initiate has a first-hand-experience, which is only possible because the Master-Power has removed all sanchit karma – the big karma reserve from all births – at time of initiation.

The imperfect masters of Sant Mat claim before people, who have received void initiations by them that they were connected with Naam. But because these people do not have any experiences, they start the rumour that today – at the beginning of the 21st century – it would be impossible to have suchlike experiences as in the time of Kirpal Singh, because of the intense sensory impressions. Instead these people are put off until the time of death. They are told that then the master would be with them.

Kirpal Singh analogously said:

[…] that if someone tells to a man that after death he will get one million dollar, this person will hardly believe this. But in such an important matter of life and death like the question if someone has the Truth, people frighteningly are extraordinary credulous.

Since they are not able to give Souls a conscious connection with Truth, the imperfect masters increasingly use outer tools to attract Souls. So the formation of Rajinder S. operates websites whose visitors shall become impressed by multimedia-based gimmicks and by, in parts, kitsch animations that are to conceal the missing Spiritual Substance.* Thus, instead of 'finishing' the snares of Kal for the Souls, as the True Master-Power does at initiation, they always establish new snares.

The group of Rajinder S. even uses the so-called Holistic Education in the 'Darshan Academies' which are conducted by it. However, the Holistic Education is also a mere trick by Kal in order to keep the people caught in their own feelings and logic. (See the explanation on 'Holistic Cognition' in the subsection 'Kal troubles the Jivas' in the illustration to 'The Creation of the lower Worlds.')

* (For a general comprehension of the whole subject, it is advisable to read the book 'Inn of Madness.' This book is a composition of several Satsangs by Kirpal Singh,1894–1974.)

Furthermore, it is of no use for the seekers after Truth to get 'initiation' by a so-called master. The reason for this is, that the so-called masters can convey the Holy Names orally, but these names are not charged with the Life-Impulse of the True Master and therefore they do not serve as passwords for the Inner Regions.

In a letter to an initiate in New York Kirpal Singh wrote the following:

The conveying of Holy Instructions for initiation to the new ones without proper authority is fraught with dangers karmically and principally. You are correct in your understanding that the giving out of Charged Names to others uninitiated will mean losing of one’s thought transference and at the same time the other fellow to whom these are imparted will not be able to have any Inner Opening into the beyond, with the result that both of them do not gain anything.

Excerpts from Letters by Kirpal Singh (1894–1974)
to His Initiates in the New York City Area –
XVII. Initiation

Narayan Das: Mritu Andha Doot, one of the twelve messengers of Kal, who incarnated as Dharam Das’ son.

(See also the subjections 'Mritu Andha, my messenger' and 'In the house of Sukrit' in the illustration to 'By Order of Sat Purush, Gyani – later Kabir – comes to awaken the Souls […]' as well as the subsection 'The Path of Mritu Andha Doot' in the illustration to 'Description of the twelve Paths created by Kal – Part I.')

The weaver: The julaha. – The Julaha (weaver) caste is not only a low caste, but a Muslim caste, too, which puts Kabir in the eyes of a Hindu on a level with the untouchable ones.

Lakh: Indian numeral. (See the illustration 'Lakhs' in the subchapter 'How Vishnu turned black.')

If any other brother: As it happened to Sukrit. In the Kali Yuga Kal can even catch spiritually high developed Souls. The only protection is to take Naam as sheet anchor wholeheartedly in each second.

In the home of Sukrit: In the house of Dharam Das. The history of Sant Mat shows that the family members and children of Masters very often are sources of trouble.

(See also the subsection 'For many Days' in the illustration to 'The Tale of Dharam Das’ previous Births – Part I.')

In my name: Although he rejects the True Path, Narayan will not hesitate to proclaim himself Dharam Das’ – and therefore Kabir’s – successor, because of his physical descent.