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The four: The four essences of Kabir: Rai Banke Ji, Sahte Ji, Chatur Bhuj and Dharam Das. (See the subchapter 'The Narration of Establishing four Gurus.')

The helmsman of the Souls of Jambu Island: Dharam Das was given the work in India; the other three – unknown to Indian tradition outside of the Anurag Sagar – work in other parts of the world.

It is not unusual for a Master to deal like this: when Swami Ji Maharaj (1818–1878) left the body, He turned the continuation of His work in Agra over to Rai Saligram, but His actual successor as a Master was Baba Jaimal Singh:

Baba Ji continued to be on very friendly terms with Swami Ji’s disciples and with the members of His family. There was great mutual respect and esteem and Baba Ji’s visit to Murree in 1894 was made at the invitation of some Agra satsangis. But after the passing away of Hazur Maharaj Rai Saligram Ji, things began to undergo a change. A move was made to bring all activities under the control of Pandit Brahm Shankar Misra alias Maharaj Sahib through the creation of a Central Administrative Council at Soamibagh. Baba Ji was nominated along with nine others for the first panel of the Council. The letter sent to Baba Jaimal Singh by Chacha Partap Singh from Allahabad on the occasion, dated 4th August 1902, nominating Him as such is on record.

Baba Ji, however, was reluctant to join the same as He felt the changes that were about this time taking place among the Agra satsangis were not in consonance with Swami Ji’s teachings. He also objected to and opposed Maharaj Sahib’s plan for building a magnificent samadh in memory of Swami Ji, because He felt that so humble a spirit as His Master, would never have countenanced such a project. When He went to Agra about this time, He openly explained His point of view but Maharaj Sahib was not to be dissuaded. Finding Himself no longer well received and His words of no avail, He returned to Beas and decided to remain aloof from the activities of the Council at Soamibagh.

A Great Saint / Baba Jaimal Singh (First Edition, 1960) –
II. / (v) The Torch Bearer,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

(See also 'Notes regarding today’s Confusion of the twelve Paths – Part II: Explanation of the Term 'Radhasoami.')

He took the blessing of Naam with Him. Now it is a place of Gaddi Nashin – this term refers to people who work at locations where once there lived Saints and who display themselves in the names of Them, after the according Saints abandoned this location or deceased physically.

The same thing – the removal of blessing – happend in Beas after Sawan Singh’s departure and after Kirpal Singh’s physical departure in the Sawan Ashram* in New Delhi, in the Manav Kendra** and much later in Kirpal Sagar because of the local misconduct.

* The Sawan Ashram has been founded by Kirpal Singh and had been His main physical staging post and domicile. From here, He conducted the activities of Ruhani Satsang, the Spiritual Platform, through which He gave an understanding of the unity and the unchangeable Truth to the wide world population during His sojourn on earth, as it was according to the rules and the explicit wish of His Master, Baba Sawan Singh.

** During His physical sojourn, Kirpal Singh founded two Manav Kendras – centres for man-making – which were all under construction. It should have been five Manav Kendras, one for each direction and one in the centre. The Manav Kendras should connect Spiritual Education and development to human beings with practical aspects just as comparative religious studies, open kitchen, school, hospital, rest home and own farming. The first Manav Kendra was finalised in Dehra Dun, the second was still planned at Kirpal’s physical lifetime. The third – the project Kirpal Sagar that is still active in 2012 – was established in 1973 by Kirpal Singh on His farm in the Punjab. In 1981 the foundation stone was laid and the construction begun. The construction of the fourth never materialised.

Since the 1990s the organisation which leads Kirpal Sagar only concentrates on the asepcts of the outer life. The focus is put on the school that belongs to the project. In internet presentation great importance is laid upon it, as well as on the luxurious guesthouses. There is much talk of harmony; but not any more of Naam.

Accordingly, Kirpal Singh said the following:

Disciple: Everything is proceeding quite nicely, but I understand You want to cut back quite a bit. (Referring to plans for the Unity of Man Centre in the United States.)

Kirpal Singh: Ah, you think I want to cut back. I didn’t want anything to cut! (chuckles) There has been a wrong interpretation. If all groupleaders gathered to raise schools, hospitals, and everything, then? … I sent out a circular stating the intention. In the West you have got free medical services from the very birth for the needy. You have got free education; old men have got their old age pensions, unemployed people have got unemployment insurance. So these necessities are already provided by government. No need of multiplying that. You have now got everything. In India it is different. We have got no old men’s homes. Similarly with other things Unity of Man Centre here means the Unity of man at the level of man. Even atheists, those who do not believe in God, are treated. So go on with your attitudes at the level of man. However, they may have some come for meditation in the ordinary facilities you have already got there. This is the right interpretation. Perhaps that was taken in the wrong way. You’re headlong down, but you’ve done splendid work. What was done – all right – have it for only those who want peace for meditation. One, two, three, whatever is convenient. What did Mr Sirrine tell you the other day?

Disciple: I received a circular from him, then I spoke at length with him on the phone.

Kirpal Singh: And again you talked to him very boldly, 'What is all this?' And what was the result of your conversation?

Disciple: The result was that we decided to cut out the home for the aged, the hospital, the house of language, the orphanage.

Kirpal Singh: That cuts down on your labour.

Disciple: The question was whether or not we should still have the school for the children, since families living there would like to send their children to a good school.

Kirpal Singh: That is to be decided definitely. Now, if for each group of initiates you must have a school, must have a hospital, must have – it is all very expensive. This small facility, little attendance, is for those who go for a retreat, say for a month. We keep it for meditation. For those who want to get medical treatment, there must be a hospital nearby. If anyone should develop sickness in that forlorn place and there is no immediate medical aid there, you can provide basic requirements for them. So anyway, not all groups should do that.

Disciple: In other words, it’s all right to do something small at the Unity of Man Centre but You’re not encouraging everyone to do it all across the country. Is that it?

Kirpal Singh: Don’t manipulate. (He chuckles.) What I say is very clear. When it is a necessity, I say for those who are over there who go sick, send for help to take them to the hospital. But suppose anybody gets sick and you run two hundred miles to get a doctor? For the time being, you see, temporary first aid. It is not to become a regular town; you have a town there now.

Disciple: There’s a town in … nearby.

Kirpal Singh: Are you going to raise a town and county? (chuckles)

Disciple: I know, but what about people coming there to live on the land, those who are initiated, who would live there.

Kirpal Singh: That is only on your invitation. I don’t want to make it an avocation. First stand on your own legs. How many people can you provide for now? Two, three, four. If you have children there, provide culture. But that is not the main purpose. Purpose is meditation.

Disciple: We were having one meditation in June and at the end of this month.

Kirpal Singh: That’s all right, but it is not a hotel.

Satsang – Grace washes away Everything,
held on 12 August 1974,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

On the other hand, it was proclaimed by Surinder Kaur in an Indian newspaper interview that there were only two places where Amrit was receivable: in the Golden Temple of Amritsar and in Kirpal Sagar. In comparison this would be consistent with the Vatican and another place in Europe. But it is commonly known that in the Golden Temple of Amritsar there is only sugared water and sweets – and in the Vatican there are only hosts* and holy water.

* For further understanding it is beneficial to know that the  ecclesiastical structures often use a bacterium with the Latin name 'Serratia marcescens' to infect the hosts so that these take on a red colour. This shall be regarded as a wonder by the believers. Many of those who eat hosts, bear this germ in them that is dangerous and causes stomachache. Normally the cause of the disorders is not found in standard checkups. People who regularly eat hosts or ate hosts should let their intestinal flora be analysed.

Shaligram: A stone considered as sacred, used in ritual worship by Vaishnavites; here it  stands for idols in general.
The cult of stones also plays a role in Jewish tradition – Wailing Wall –, the Muslims adore the Kaaba.
But, for example, even Muslim Saints said, that the human body was the True Kaaba.

So Sheik Saadi said:

No better than quarry stone is the Kaaba of Khalil, Kaaba of human heart provides God a seat, of all pilgrimages that to the human heart is true, make merit there rather than countless Mecca.

Birthday Message 1955,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

And Maulana Rumi said:

Oh man circumambulate the secret Kaaba of the mind, unlike the Kaaba of Khalil, God made the Kaaba of mind.

Birthday Message 1955,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

Analogous statements are known from other Saints too.

The Bible says:

God Who made the world and all things therein, seeing that He is Lord of Heaven and earth, dwelleth not in temples made with hands.

Acts 17:24

And further:

Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? If any man defiles the temple of God, him shall God destroy. For the temple of God is holy, and ye are that temple.

1 Corinthians 3:16-17

Kirpal Singh said according to this:

The human body is the Temple of God. It is the real church, the synagogue, and the mosque made by God, and what a pity we try to seek Him in man-made houses. […]

Godman (First Edition, 1967) –
XII. Guru is Superman or Godman,
by Kirpal Singh, 1984–1974

On the contrary the members of the organisation 'Unity of Man' are told that by building Kirpal Sagar in the outer world they would build the house of the Father. In this way they are kept from building the Inner Kirpal Sagar.

However, every disciple has to achieve the Inner Kirpal Sagar within himself. The outer projects, such as the Golden Temple at Amritsar or the Manav Kendra  for instance, are meant to be the outer aspects of this.

Kirpal said to a disciple during meditation:

When you build a house for yourself in this world, it will be transitory, you will have to leave it. But when you build my house, the Inner Kirpal Sagar, it will be with you forever.